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Mad Catz will be developing accessories



Along with its competitor Turtle Beach, gaming accessory company Mad Catz is one of the two manufacturers officially contracted with Microsoft to develop equipment for the Xbox One. Mad Catz is better known in some circles as Tritton. The official press release is rather tightfisted as far as details are concerned; presumably, they will produce Xbox One-specialized gaming headsets and connectors.

The Xbox One has updated its chat port to a new, proprietary design, eliminating backwards compatibility with old audio and mic accessories. Currently only Tritton and Turtle Beach are the only two manufacturers advertising Xbox One equipment, however, additional companies are expected to announce their Xbox One wares at the E3 Expo.

Dragon Age III coming to the Xbox One



Here comes another title with Roman numerals tacked on: the third installment of the Dragon Age franchise, arriving, most likely, on the Xbox One and multiple other platforms, later this year. Amazon Italy posted a product listing for Dragon Age III: Inquisition on Friday, a page that has since been removed. While the page was up, the game was classed as an Xbox One title, with no other platforms listed. An Electronic Arts representative was not immediately available to comment, presumably because they were too busy stealing teddy bears from orphans or being otherwise pointlessly evil. (I’m not the biggest fan of Electronic Arts, as you may gather.) Dragon Age III is built on the next-generation Frostbite 3 engine, which also powers the upcoming Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and the next Mass Effect sequel.


Since we launched our first sponsored post on Tumblr Radar one year ago, we’ve been proud to see our partners bring their most creative work to Tumblr. Their posts have already earned more than 10 million likes and reblogs.

Today, we’ll start to bring sponsored posts to your Dashboard on the web. Just like in our mobile apps, these posts will simply blend in with the posts from the blogs you follow.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Dashboard!


Hey there friends, it’s Tumblr Tuesday! Here’s a few of our favorite Tumblr blogs of the moment:

For 91 Days Select
Traveling the world, three months at a time. Currently in Instanbul. Next up: Iceland. (Above: Foggy day in Istanbul.)

English to English
The Guardian’s attempt to chronicle and catalogue cultural differences, slang, and pop culture between the UK and the US.

Batali Brothers Breakfasts
Benno and Leo Batali share homemade breakfasts and other special dishes, because you’re never too young to start cooking. (Also, there’s a book!)

A Dinosaur A Day
A new dinosaur every day is the perfect way to learn about the wide variety of animals from our past… and present.

Half the Sky Movement
Raising awareness and inspiring action to turn oppression to opportunity for women worldwide.

DIY Web Analysis: How To Conduct Market Research On Your Own Website


A web strategist can provide constructive criticism to help you make your website more user-friendly and to help you generate more traffic. However, if you’re trying to save money or want to do some research on your own first, there are ways you can assess your site using the tips of an expert without actually hiring one.

Here’s what to look for:

Ÿ  Fast Loading Time: Your site should of course load quickly. To test your site’s load time and have it analyzed for free, use this great tool from Pingdom.

Ÿ  Visually Appealing: Your site should be visually engaging with an attractive color scheme. Make sure your background and font colors contrast and are easy to read. Use a basic font that is easy to read – no cursive. Make sure you have an excellent logo, and use that as the header for your site.

Ÿ  Uniform Pages: Every page on your site should have the same background, font, heading style, colors and navigation bar across the top of the page underneath your logo. Your pages will stand out from each other in content. There is no need for them to differ in format.

Ÿ  Don’t Forget The Basics: Make sure to have a Biography or About Us page. You may think that who you are is evident from everything else on your website or that people don‘t have the attention span to read a bio, but many folks do want to know details and will feel more comfortable working with you after reading about you.

Ÿ  Engage Your Visitor: Use multimedia when possible. Include a page of photos, and a page of videos if appropriate. However, don’t go overboard. Unless you are a musician, your site should not have background music. Most people find that annoying and distracting.

Ÿ  Keep In Touch: Post a link to your Facebook page and Twitter so that people can follow you beyond your website. Always include a Contact Us page. If you use a contact form, also include your email address in case someone prefers to email you directly. Include an option to join a mailing list, but never have a pop up form requesting email addresses for a mailing list.

Ÿ  Create Your Own Error Page: Instead of relying on the generic not found/404 error page, create your own and make sure it has a link back to your home page. If you’re so inclined, make sure it also has an option to report the error to the webmaster. Errors are always unfortunate, but having a customized error page will make you look more professional.

Ÿ  Link Your Logo To Your Homepage: So many websites now have this feature built in that most users expect every website to have it. If they want to return to your homepage, chances are they will instinctively click your logo, even if you have a “Home” button on your navigation bar.

As a basic rule, think about what you like to see in a website as a user, and apply those qualities to your own page. If you need further help analyzing or editing your website, talk to a web designer or web strategist.

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